Our Mission


All children of the world are our children!  Regardless of national borders, religious preference, ethnic makeup or social standing, they are all our children.

Help Our Children Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of our children.  While we recognize this is a monumental undertaking, every journey, no matter how long or short, begins with a single step. Taking that step is what we propose.
We will exclude no project that will, in our opinion, improve the quality of life of our children.  Our efforts will be concentrated in the areas of education, health, family services, social acceptance, and other areas that will enhance the lives of our children.

Help Our Children Foundation, Inc. will carefully review each proposal to confirm the need and the practicality of completing the project before making any commitment. Upon accepting a project, we will become active participants, maintaining a hands-on approach to insure the successful completion of our efforts.

It is the desire and intent of Help Our Children Foundation, Inc. to accomplish the most that we can for the world’s children, our children. With the help of caring people, our dream will become a reality.